Mr. Tom Gies    School Maintenance

Miss Jennifer Brown   

Upper Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra,

4th Grade Religion

Mrs. Mary Claus


Ms. Morgan Noon    Music

****All of our staff is fully accredited by the Ohio Department of Education.****

****All staff, substitutes and volunteers have passed all background check and fingerprinting requirements.****

Mr. Scott Knisely  Upper Elementary

Science & Social Studies

St. Joseph Catholic School

Mrs. Karen Gerber    Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Aide

​Mrs. Joan Cutcher    Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten

Mrs. Ashley Platte


Mrs. Amanda Dixon    Administrative Assistant; ASP Clerk

Mrs. Annette Lauber


Miss Bailey Bollenbacher    Upper Elementary Religion

& Language Arts

Mrs. Maureen Dreschel

1st Grade

Mrs. Kim Corder


Mr. Kevin Wood    Curriculum Enhancement Coordinator

 Mrs. Laurie Haughawout    Aide; Physical Edu.

Mrs. Cherri Schaffer    Parish Office Coordinator

Mrs. Caitlin Palm 

3rd Grade;

​Youth Choir

Fr. Chris Jesudhason    Pastor​​

Miss Zoe Smith

2nd Grade

Mr. Tyler Lauber Principal

Mr. Ron Schaffer     St. Joseph Campus Maintenance Supervisor

Mrs. Mary Ivory    Bookkeeper