St. Joseph Catholic School


St. Joseph Catholic School strives to create,

with parents, a community of faith
where students acquire life long skills and values 
in a distinctive Christian educational environment.


St. Joseph School offers a faith-based educational program. We work hard to make sure that God and Religion are intertwined with every aspect of our educational system.

Mass is attended weekly by the school as a whole. Each class from 1st grade up, takes turns planning the week's liturgy and play a part in the mass. Every possible element of the mass is centered around the children. From the servers, to the lectors, to the gift bearers, to any special inclusion the class plans; it is a children's mass. Many members of the community will attend the children's mass so they may pray along side our students.  

The children have the values, traditions and respect that comes with being a Catholic student instilled in them throughout their educational experience. We always ask them to think about what God would want them to do first, then act accordingly.