St. Joseph School has an 11:1 Student/Teacher Ratio. This ratio allows teachers to have the ability to spend one on one time with every student that needs it. Our teachers care greatly for each and every one of their students, and takes a vested interest in them and how they do. 

Every child in Kindergarten and 1st grade has a tablet assigned to them so they can learn how to use today's technology starting at that young age. They will learn to load educational apps and play them so they will continue their education in other areas at the same time as on technology. 

In grades 2-8 each child is assigned a laptop. They will use their laptops at school to extend their knowledge of the technical world that is so necessary these days. They will work on projects that will require use of word processing programs, internet usage for research, etc.

In addition to working on individual technology pieces, each classroom is also equipped with an Activboard. These are interactive whiteboards that allow the students to use modern technology to learn in a wide variety of ways as a class.

As students reach 8th grade, they have the opportunity to take some advanced classes. There is an on-site Algebra teacher that will give all qualified students a head-start on their high school math classes. There is also a chance for qualifying students to take Spanish I to jump start their foreign language skills.