St. Joseph Catholic School

Fr. Chris Jesudhason-


Cherri Schafer- Parish Office Coordinator 

Mary Ivory- Bookkeeper

​Our two parishes of St. Alphonsus and St. Joseph have a very rich history.  St. Alphonsus is the oldest parish in the Diocese of Toledo being founded in 1828.  Parishioners are very proud of the fact that St. John Neumann ministered in our parish in the summer and fall of 1841.  imagine that, walking in the footsteps of a saint!

By the mid-1800’s a number of German Catholics had settled in Monroeville.  They would travel the six miles to St. Alphonsus for Mass.  By 1861, St. Joseph Catholic Church was founded and since 1862, St. Joseph School has been educating our young people.

In July 2004, these two parishes with humbled beginnings were twinned together to be served by one pastor. 

Parish Code: NV6W39